19. Sep, 2018

The Destroy All Humans Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd

The Destroy All Humans! Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd ->>> DOWNLOAD

You are Cryptospordium-137, a Furon sent to Earth to collect Furon DNA embedded in humans.

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original title: Destroy All Humans!

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi

imdb: 8

tags: One giant step on mankind

keywords: singleplayer, playstation2, xbox, extraterrestrial, dna, sandbox, alien, 1950s, threewordtitle, referencetodwightd.eisenhower, policeshootout, policeofficer, fbiagent, satire, referencetoelvispresley,

































You are Cryptospordium-137, a Furon sent to Earth to collect Furon DNA embedded in humans. Due to centuries of unregulated nuclear warfare, a race of aggressive aliens known as the Furons has been rendered sterile, and forced to depend on cloning to reproduce. To help keep the genetic code of the Furons pristine, a trigger-happy Furon soldier named Cryptosporidium-137 is ordered to travel to 1950s Earth and steal genetic material from the indigenous sentient lifeforms. Along the way, he'll also have to investigate the disappearance of his clone predecessor, Cryptosporidium-136, uncover and foil a dastardly government conspiracy, and of course... "Destroy All Humans!" In the game you play as Cryptosporidium 137 (Crypto for short) an alien from a race known as Furons sent to Earth to collect human brain stems which contain pure Furon DNA and to Destroy All Humans! There has been a lot of alien games but Destroy All Humans! has to be the best of them all! This game has everything you go round killing people, flying in a flying saucer, disguising yourself a human, picking up vehicles, humans and animals with Psychokinesis (PK for short) its an awesome game and Destroy All Huamns! 2 is just as good and I love it how Crypto sounds a lot like Jack Nicholson and Pox (his full name is Orthopox) is an great character as well go by the game NOW! For years I haven't played a game this good! "Destroy All Humans" is an explosively awesome, alien game with good graphics, hilarious voice overs, cool sound effects and fantastic game play! You will play as Cryptosporidium(Or Crypto for short), an alien clone sent to earth to collect DNA from human brain stems to save his kind. Throughout the game you will travel from the fields of Turnipseed Farm, to the busy streets of Capitol City to the scorching deserts of Area 42.

You will fight against different humans, ranging from dim-witted farmers to cocky secret agents. You'll also confront vehicles and artillery such as tanks, AA cannons, robots and Tesla coils.

You can fight with an armament of lethal, futuristic weapons including the zap-o matic, disintigrator gun and ion detonator.

You also have access to a flying saucer armed with more powerful weapons, such as the death ray, abducto beam and sonic boom.

If your weapons don't satisfy, then your telekinesis powers will! Crypto can levitate humans and smash them into the ground or send them flying through the air. As you progress you can purchase upgrades that allow you to throw cars and heavier objects, causing all kinds of mayhem! Overall, Destroy All Humans is a masterpiece and is worth trying for just about anyone.


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